Battery Brand



GePRO BATTERY FACTORY manufactures a comprehensive range of Automotive Batteries including Conventional Lead Acid batteries, Low-Maintenance Lead Acid batteries and Maintenance-Free batteries as well as Deep Cycle batteries to cater for electrical appliances on boats, golf buggies, light industrial scissor lifts and caravans as well as commercial and recreational vehicles.
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
NS40ZL 160.00 12 Months
NS60S 170.00 12 Months
NS60LS 170.00 12 Months
NS70 240.00 12 Months
NS70L 240.00 12 Months
N100 375.00 6 Months
N120 430.00 6 Months
N150 495.00 6 Months
N200 720.00 6 Months