4 Main Cause Of Your Car Airbag Light To Constantly Turn On

To those who have experienced it will know how it feels since this issue may not be experienced by many people. Who doesn’t panic and worry if the car air bag light is constantly on? You can’t even turn off the airbag light because there is no button to press.


Most people start panicking about why their car’s airbag light is constantly on. Its because they are worried that something bad will happen and could threaten the safety of the driver and passengers in the car.


sensor lampu airbag sering menyala


Usually, when you bring your car for a service, many vehicle users will service basic things such as engine oil, car tires, and coolant but a minority of people will service the airbag sensor. This airbag service is something that your car needs to ensure that your car’s airbag is in good condition or not.


Know the 4 main problems of your car’s airbag light constantly turning on.


1. Damaged sensor

Each vehicle has its sensor system that is mostly connected to other component systems. Usually, this sensor system is connected through a computer system so that we know whether the sensor is in good condition or not.


This same goes for the airbag light sensor which can be damaged at any time. If your car’s airbag sensor fails to operate as normal, this can cause the sensor light to light up non-stop. Make sure to send your car to a nearby workshop to reset the sensor system for the car air bag.


2. Damaged by flood


kereta banjir sensor airbag rosak


If your car has ever been damaged by flood. It can be the main cause of your vehicle’s airbag light sensor being damaged. Usually, the airbag module is located at the bottom of the car. So if it ever gets flooded it can make your car’s airbag module break or corrode can cause your car’s airbag to not work properly.


3. Permanent Spring Clock Cable

This cable clock spring functions to maintain continuity between the electrical wiring and the airbag on the driver’s side. It twists in and out as the steering wheel turns.

Usually, the problem of the airbag light is always on when the clock spring wears out which causes the electrical wiring connection to become weak and the airbag fails to function properly.


4. Car Battery Flat


bateri kong sensor rosak


If your car’s battery is dead, it can also be the reason for the backup battery for your car’s airbag to run out. It can also be the cause of your car’s airbag support battery not working properly.

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