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List of Motolite Battery Prices & Delivery Services

A Motolite car battery ensures your car runs smoothly and reliably. With cutting-edge technology and superior performance, Motolite batteries are designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging driving conditions.
We enhance your experience by offering free delivery and professional installation, swiftly and hassle-free, getting you back on the road.
If you are searching for trusted Motolite car battery prices in Malaysia, explore our comprehensive range of options below. Discover the perfect size and price to suit your vehicle’s needs, and experience the reliability and excellence of Motolite.


MOTOLITE maintenance-free (MF) batteries use MOTOLITE’s tested technology. Their reliable cranking power and hassle-free service life provide safety, convenience, and confidence. The batteries fit most passenger vehicles in Malaysia and also meet most battery requirements of Asian and European sourced vehicles.
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
38B20L 200.00 12 Months
50B24R 230.00 12 Months
50B24RS 230.00 12 Months
50B24L 230.00 12 Months
50B24LS 230.00 12 Months
55D23L 305.00 12 Months
75D26R 300.00 12 Months
75D26L 300.00 12 Months
80D31R 355.00 6 Months
80D31L 355.00 6 Months
95D31R 375.00 6 Months
95D31L 375.00 6 Months
DIN55R 310.00 12 Months
DIN55L 310.00 12 Months
DIN66L 390.00 12 Months
DIN100L 550.00 12 Months



Use battery matcher to check the right battery size for your car!
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Fakhri Shahreezal
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