Returning to work after a long Raya holiday can be stressful, especially if you rode a motorcycle. Before hitting the road again, take a few minutes to check the 5 main motor components of your motorcycle – tires, brakes, oil/fluids, lights, and chain – to ensure your ride is safe. Inspecting these components regularly can help prevent accidents and breakdowns that could ruin your journey.


To ensure your safety while riding, take some time to inspect the 5 motor components of your motorcycle. Doing so can help prevent potential issues and ensure your ride is as safe as possible.



Want to keep your motorcycle in top condition? Don’t forget to check your brake pads and fluid regularly. If the minimum thickness of your brake pads is less than 2mm, it’s time to replace them. And make sure your brake fluid is at the correct level for safe and effective braking.


If your brake lever feels too hard or deep, head to the service center to get it checked out. Keep an eye on the arrow mark and indicator for drum brakes to ensure they’re aligned. If not, it’s time to replace the drum lever. By taking care of these motor components, you’ll enjoy a safer and smoother ride on your motorcycle.





Keeping your motorcycle tires in good condition is crucial for safe and smooth riding. To check your tire’s tread, look for the wear indicator (TWI) on the sidewall and make sure the tread is still thick enough to grip the road properly, especially in wet conditions.


When replacing your tires, make sure to choose the right size for your motorcycle. And don’t forget to regularly check your tire’s air pressure to ensure optimal performance. You can ride confidently and enjoy the journey by taking care of your motorcycle tires.



Your motorcycle’s throttle is a crucial component that affects your riding experience. To check it, twist it out and then release it. If the throttle doesn’t quickly return to its original position, there may be an issue with the cable, and you should take your motorcycle to a service center immediately.


For optimal riding comfort, adjusting the free distance of your throttle and clutch levers is important. The throttle lever should have a free distance of 2-6mm, while the clutch lever should have a free distance of 10-20mm. By keeping these components in check, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable ride.



Maintaining your scooter or motorcycle’s performance is crucial for a smooth and safe ride. One of the things you need to check is the CVT belting system for scooters and components for regular chain-driven motorcycles. Ensure that the CVT belt is not worn out and has been inspected every 8,000km and replaced every 24,000km. For chain-driven motorcycles, watch out for any signs of wear on the components to avoid unexpected breakdowns on the road.



Night rides on a motorcycle can be risky, but you can make it safer by ensuring your motorcycle lights are working properly. Check the front, rear, and side lights before starting your ride.


Apart from the lights, keep an eye on the oil indicator as it should accurately show the oil level in the tank. Don’t forget to check the battery power, especially for longer rides, to avoid being stranded with a dead battery.