The average vehicle user today uses auto cars to use in their daily life.  When you have your own car, your self-commitment is even higher. If you don’t want to add to the burden, all you can do is to take good care of your car so you don’t have to spend money just to repair the car.


If you don’t want your money to be wasted just like that, you need to take care of your auto car gears, there are several ways you can do it if you don’t want auto car gears to be damaged quickly! Let’s read the full article below:



Every 6 months or 30,000KM is the right time for you to service you car’s engine oil. If possible, make sure you are on time to service the engine oil as specified in the car service schedule.


Make sure you use original, quality engine oil that matches your car’s specifications. If you use low quality engine oil, it will cause damage to your car engine.



Each auto car has 6 step gears. These is some tips if you want to start your auto car engine after the car has been turned off for more than 6 hours :


  • Switch on your car engine, switch first to make sure all the lights and meters are on.
  • Move each auto car gear from top to bottom. Don’t forget to press your pedal brakes!
  • Each step when you step up or step down the gear,  you need to take a break of 2 seconds.
  • Pull your gear up to gear ‘N’ and leave the gear in N and start the car engine. Leave in N gear for 5-10 minutes.


For the use of reverse gear, if possible, avoid using reverse gear too often in a fast state or in a distance that is too far up to many kilos. That will damage the reverser gear as well as the auto car gear.


If you use the reverse gear in the wrong way, it can cause the gearbox to quickly break down.



If you often use the car to go up a hill or even a high road up there, make sure you use the correct gear in accordance with the RPM of the car. Don’t force the car to use D gear to go up to Genting Highland, the gearbox is damaged.


If you drive and see stagnant water, if possible avoid passing on the road because anything can happen. It hurts even more if the water has entered the engine, the dry pockets continue to send the car to the workshop.