When you go to driving class, the teacher must have told us what the function of engine oil is, right? But the fact that till now many people still do not know what its the function of it and when to change the car engine oil.


If you want to know, changing the engine oil is very important, every time you reach a few kilometers (KM) to its limit you have to change the engine oil. Usually, every time you service a car, one of the things they will do is change the car’s engine oil.



Want to know why engine oil is important to change when it’s time? The function of engine oil is to ensure the movement of the engine and the function of the engine oil is to protect the car’s engine. But there are often some people who always forget to check their engine oil.


When you can feel that your car easily running out of petrol, then you know that it is one of the big signs that the engine oil needs to be changed. Want to know more about the signs that you should change the engine oil? Let’s read the full article below.


Car Engine Vibrates



If you notice that your vehicle’s engine has started to vibrates frequently, it means that your vehicle’s engine is not working properly due to low engine oil.


That is why the job of the engine oil is to make sure the vehicle’s engine runs smoothly, so you can change the engine oil quickly to avoid the engine vibrating more severely and getting hotter.


Easily Run Out of Petrol



If you use an old car it’s normal when the car easily runs out of petrol easily, but it’s not logical when you are using a new brand car but you have to refuel the oil twice a week. If you experience a situation like this, it means that the car’s engine oil is not enough.


This is because the vehicle’s engine works too hard, maybe you use the car often so it needs engine oil to run smoothly.


Hot & Burning Smell



When driving and suddenly the car’s engine smells like it’s burning, it’s dangerous. What is the most worrying is when the car you are riding in catches fire, isn’t it?


Often this smell will arise because the car engine is too hot and there is oil burning in the car’s exhaust system.


Colour Of Engine Oil



Usually, the color of car engine oil is brown. When the oil has been used for a long time, it will turn dark and black.


So try to check your car’s engine oil, if the color of the oil is too light or too dark it means your vehicle’s engine oil needs to be changed quickly.

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