Some people who are used to driving a car must know what happened to the car. When the air in the car’s tires is not enough, we as drivers can feel different when driving and that may be cause of wheel bearings.


There are also some people who can feel something is not right when they are driving the vehicle, but the cons  are they are not very good at figuring out what is happening to their car.


Have you ever experienced driving a car and felt like it is quite heavy and slow pickup when driving? Even after you try hard to press the oil pedal, the pickup is still slow. Want to know more? Let’s read the full article below.





Who would have thought that if the car’s aircond filter is clogged and full of dust, it can actually cause the car to be slow to pick up and feel heavy when driving.


At least once in 3-6 months, you can go to service, wash or change the car’s aircond filter so that your car can function properly.




Your car’s spark plug also has its own lifespan. If you see the meter on your dashboard has reached more than 30,000KM, then it is time for you to change the spark plug.


If it has been a bit more than 1 year, just so you know that you can go and change the spark plug at the nearest workshop.




The oil will flows smoothly to the engine if there are no clogging issues. It will go straight to the engine combustion system i.e. the carburetor.

But what causes your car to be slow to pick up or even feel heavy is because the oil can’t flow smoothly because the filter is already clogged. Ideally, if you go service your car to change the timing belt, make sure you change the oil filter on your car too.





Car bearings may rarely be damaged, but usually the estimated year that needs to be changed for car wheel bearings is within 8 to 10 years.


While you are driving in a high speed limit and it sounds like a buzzing, it is a sign that the car’s wheel bearings are damaged and need to be replaced as soon as possible.





If you feel that the car’s timing belt has problem, you can go to a nearby car workshop to send service and ask experienced people to correct the position of the timing belt.

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