Car Mirror Has Water Spots? Try Out These Simple Tips To Remove "Watermark"!

If you just bought a nice car, the car mirrors are of course looks beautiful and shiny. Even when after you wash your car mirror, there is no water spots problem at all. But when we use the car for a long time, there will be water spots or the other name is car mirror watermark.


For your information, actually the cause of watermark is from drops of rainwater and dew that are being left for too long or even the wrong technique that you apply during washing your car. By the way, rainwater usually has minerals that are mixed with dust or contaminated materials and because of that if the water dries on your car mirror, it will leave stains on the car’s windshield.





lap cermin hilang watermark


1. Use whatever brand of dishwashing paste that you have, make sure the dishwashing paste has a smooth texture to avoid scratching on your car mirror.

2. Wet your car mirror and dip a sponge into the dishwashing paste.

3. Rub on the part of the car mirror that has a watermark, make sure to rub in a circular motion because it will be more effective.

4. Rinse the car mirror with clean water.

5. After rinsing you can notice that the watermark on the car mirror is gone and shiny.






Vinegar is one of the acids that can remove mineral stains on car mirrors.


1. Mix vinegar with clean water in a container, preferably to use lukewarm water.

2. Soak sponge or a clean cloth in the water that mixed with vinegar.

3. Place the cloth on the air patch on the car mirror for 1-2 minutes to soften the mineral.

4. Just wipe the part on the car mirror that has a watermark to avoid it.


If after the method you did above and the watermark stain still on your car mirror, maybe it is caused by the mineral that has entered the clear coat paint layer of your car.

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