Since the weather in Malaysia is uncertain right now, sometimes heavy rain, and the next day will be hot summer weather. We as drivers are the ones who always have to be careful with the safety of ourselves and the passengers when driving especially during because the car mirrors foggy.


Have you ever driven during heavy rain or even driven in cold areas like Genting Highland during the rainy season? It’s hard for us as a driver to drive during heavy rain and fog. The foggy level during raining season is so hard that you also need to wipe the mirror by yourself to have a clear vision when driving.



Since, if we don’t wipe the mirror, our safety will be in danger, and scared that a road accident can happen. There are some real ways you can do to solve the problem of foggy mirrors during rainy season!


Want to know the tips? Let’s read the full article below.


1. Potatoes



Who would have thought that potatoes can actually overcome the problem of foggy mirrors while driving when it is raining.



  •  Divide a potato into 2 parts.
  •  Rub the potatoes on the car interior mirror.
  •  Let the mirror dry for a while.
  •  Wipe the mirror clean with a dry tissue


It’s done! This simple way can clean the mirrors and will also leave a layer that can prevent the car mirrors from fogging during rain.


2. Toothpaste



Everything can be done by using toothpaste. In addition to washing vehicle lights that look new, this toothpaste can also solve the problem of foggy mirrors.



  •  Apply toothpaste all over the inner surface of the windshield.
  •  Wipe the windshield with a microfiber cloth.


With just two simple steps, this toothpaste can overcome foggy mirrors when it rains.

3. Hair Shampoo



The third easiest way is to use hair shampoo. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated and doesn’t require direct water to do so.



  •  Apply a little shampoo on the windshield.
  •  Rub the shampoo on the mirror without using water.
  •  Remove the effect of shampoo on the windshield by using a microfiber cloth or newspaper.
  • Gently rub and wipe the mirror. To prevent the mirror from scratches.


In fact, the above methods can not only be used to remove the fog on your windshield but can also be used on any existing windshield.