For every vehicle user, pumping air car tires pressure is a weekly or even monthly routine. If you look at the driver’s side door, there is already a specific air pressure that is suitable for the car tires that you are using.


Even so, there are still many people still wonder how to pump tires properly even though there is a correct air pressure guideline. Even though when you pump the air tire, do you think the way that you doing is the correct way?



Did you know if you pump the air tire pressure wrongly, it’s likely will cause the car’s tires to become bald easily.


Instead of having to spend more money just for bald car tires, it is better to take the right steps when pumping the tire air pressure. Want to know more? Let’s read the full article below.


Maximum Air Tire Pressure

Each car tire has its own maximum pressure, can look at the side of your car tire for example there is a ‘Max. Pres. 35 PSI ‘means the cold pressure that the car’s tires can handle.


The ‘cold’ means the time to pump the air pressure on the car tires is after the car has been shaded for a long time and not been under the sun. Usually, the maximum pressure of a car tire is in the 30 to 32 PSI range.



What will happen if the tires are pumped more than PSI?





When the tires are pumped with an air pressure that exceeds the supposed figure, the car tires will become bald easily. The rubber on your car tire tread will come off more and will cause the middle part of your car tire to wear out quickly.


Not only worn-out car tires, but it can also make the car tires explode and the risk of an accident is also high especially with the current weather of Malaysia which is the rainy season.




When the car’s tires are over-pumped, usually the car’s tires cannot work properly on road. Lack of control from the car tires causes your car to slip due to a lack of grip on the road from the car tires which can cause very dangerous to the driver and passenger.





When do you usually pump your tires? Actually, there is a certain time to pump your air tire pressure.


There are 3 important conditions when you should check your car’s air tire pressure.

  • After refueling the vehicle
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Before a long journey






Usually a good tire pressure is between 30 and 35 PSI. The pressure number is to support the load on your car.


If the pressure is not enough the load on the tire vibrates will be higher. Fuel consumption will also be further increased and affected.