When driving in the rain or downhill, one of the things that everyone is afraid of is if the car brakes do not work or the car brake lose control.


The brake is the most important component in the vehicle, if there is no car brake, your life can be threatened at any time.


The function of the brakes on each of these vehicles is to control, stop and slow down the car if necessary. When the car’s brakes fail to control, this is what can cause your car to slide and skid on the road.


If your vehicle’s brakes lose control, here are some safety precautions you need to take:

1. Don’t Panic

If you feel like the vehicle brakes are not eating enough, don’t panic because it will make other passengers feel scared. Instead, try your best to control the speed of the vehicle.


2. Use a Handbrake

If the footbrake cannot be used and you lose control, the next way that may work is to use the handbrake. Pull the hand brake in a calm state, do not rush, and you can lower the gears one by one.


3. Do not turn off the car engine


If you turn off the car engine suddenly, you will cause the car to lose control again and skid in the other direction. It not only threatens your safety but also threatens the safety of other vehicles.


4. Do not Change Gears

Often this car loss of control happens when you drive in dangerous and fast conditions. So, to change gears from gear 4 to gear 1, so you have to change slowly to lower the gear.


Things To Do If Your Car Loses Control!

1. Lift the foot off the oil pedal.


2. Turn on the emergency light that has the triangle symbol.


3. Even if the car’s brakes don’t work, you can press the brakes as hard as you can because today’s vehicles already have a dual braking system that can control the front and rear of the car.


4. Use the handbrake to control the car. Pull the handbrake as far as possible to prevent the car from slipping away. This handbrake can be able to control to slow down the vehicle.


5. Drive towards the divider. If you are driving on the highway, you can pass on the divider to slow down the vehicle a bit. This situation can only be used if it is desperate.


6. Take the car to a safe area, if your vehicle seems to be controllable. Slowly bring the car to a safer area for the safety of your life and that of others.

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