While driving on the road, anything can happen unexpectedly. Sometimes one has been driving quite carefully but there are always some things that can happen especially when you have cracked car mirrors.


If you see a truck carrying sand, or small stones, or driving on a bumpy road, drive carefully since you are concerned that your car window will be hit by rocks and crack, or worse break.


When a rock hits a car window, it is very painful. It is painful because of the cracked car mirror.


Repairing a car mirror will cost you a lot, the price itself can cost you more than 300 hundred and the worse part is when you have to change the whole car mirror. The bigger the cracked mirror, the more cost it takes to repair it.


In this article, we will share with you how to repair cracked mirrors for less than RM20! If you guys haven’t tried this, it’s a sign for you to try Visbella products that can be used for parts of your car mirror that have a small crack. It will only cost you for only RM15.90.

It’s really quick and easy, there are a few simple steps that you can follow:



Clean the surface of your car windshield with a microfiber cloth and remove any debris on the windshield using a safety pin. Make sure the mirror surface is clean from any glass fragments and dust.


Inside the kit, there is a round shape red rubber patch that has a hole in the middle. Paste the adhesive rubber on the cracked part of the mirror inside the circle. Also, attach the red funnel to the adhesive rubber.





Place the resin in the red funnel in one to three dots. Use a syringe and place it inside in the lowest position. Let it dry and stick in 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes can take off the syringe and then reinsert it. Make sure to press the plunger up to the bottom. Let the syringe in position for 20 minutes.




Use a small knife to remove the adhesive tape and drop the resin again on the cracked part of the mirror. Paste the curing film on the part of the mirror that is being fixed. Flatten and press the part with a small knife to make sure the resin is all over the part.


Leave your windshield under the sun for 20 minutes and you’re done! Your windshield will look brand new and there will be no more cracks on your windshield. Take a look at the before and after mirror from the reference below

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