Fuel test! RON is an acronym referring to the Research Octane Number or the ability of gasoline to operate at high pressures and temperatures on the engine before being ignited by a spark plug. This type of petrol is usually used on high-performance engines such as the BMW, Suzuki Swift Sport, or Honda Type R.


In a petrol engine, air and petrol will be compacted during the compression cycle and indirectly the temperature of the mixture will increase. If the temperature is too high, the mixture will auto-ignite without ignition from the spark plug. This process is called knocking and it will damage the engine components.



Usually, the price for RON 97 is more pricy compared to RON 95, the current price as of June 2022 for RON 95 is RM2.05 compared to RON 97 which is RM 4.70. RON97 has a higher knock resistance than RON95, which protects the engine by reducing the occurrence of knocking.


Furthermore, RON97 will improve combustion efficiency, allowing the gas to burn cleaner, causing a reduction in carbon deposits and generating its original power output, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


The question here is what would happen if a car with a low compression ratio like Axia, Saga, or Kancil if they pump fuel with a higher RON like RON 97 or RON 100? Will higher RON used by the cars can give a higher performance to the driving otherwise which is damaging the car’s engine.





The answer is by using RON 97 in a normal engine like Axia, Kancil or Saga will not increase the power performance of an engine because the hydrocarbon content in both types of gasoline is the same. But, there is an issue in using RON 95 in a high-performance engine like BMW, Suzuki Swift Sport, or Honda Type R since it will cause the engine to experience power and efficiency reduction problems due to knocking problems.


Basically, following the manufacturer’s instructions is all you need to do to know which RON is suitable for your car. As an example, follow the instruction in your car’s manual book. If you are using either Axia, BMW, or Honda, what u you need to do is refer to your manual book.


Usually, in your car’s manual book, they will state whether to use RON95, RON 97, or even higher RON 100. From there, you as a car owner will know what is the best fuel gas for your vehicle model.


Usually, there is also another opinion that says that you are also recommended to use fuel gas with a higher RON like RON 97 for your car when your driving involves going to a certain place that needs your car to use higher RPM such as Cameron Highland and Genting Highland. It will somehow help your journey to run smoothly.


Generally, there is not much difference between RON95 and RON97. If you don’t want to think much, just simply follow the instruction from your car manual’s book. For example, the current RON97 filling price for a Perodua Myvi is RM169.20, butRON95 is “only” RM73.80. This is quite a big difference, so the decision depends on the individual. It’s either you want to save more money or enjoy a smooth journey to your destination.


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