How To Fix & Disconnect A Dead Car Battery In 5 Minutes Or Less

Every car is created with a handbrake or parking brake to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s users in the event of a situation that could threaten their safety and life.


The purpose of this hand brake is actually to make sure that your car can stop safely when you need it. Especially when you are facing a dangerous situation. Usually, this handbrake has a system that can connect the tire brake. Which is also connected to the ‘pulling mechanism’.


tips handbrake tersekat


Have you ever been in a situation, where when you want to use the handbrake and it suddenly gets stuck and locked? As if you can’t pull it up? If you want to continue your trip and worry about an accident, maybe you can use the method below:



old car


If your car has not been used for a long time, this could be the reason why your car’s hand brake seems to be locked. Making you cannot pull the parking brake.

Next time, if you want to leave the car for weeks or months,  make sure that the area where you want to leave your car is protected from the scorching sunlight. At least to park your car under the roof area.




handbrake berkarat dan berdebu


Usually, people who own old cars will face situations like this with rusty and dusty handbrakes. That’s why the handbrake is hard to pull and gets stuck. If you pull as hard as you want it will still be hard enough to pull and use it.


Some of the steps below you may use so that the handbrake can be used as usual:

1. Get off and pull the handbrake several times manually. Pull slowly so that it does not damage your car’s handbrake or parking brake system.

2. You can change the gear on your car drive gear, and reverse several times to remove the dust on the handbrake.

If this step still doesn’t work, you can bring your car to a workshop that is nearby to your location.




tarik handbrake terlalu kuat


People now seem to have a habit that if they want to pull the handbrake. They must like to pull hard until the end. Did you know, if this habit continues, it can cause the car’s hand brake shoe to stick to the wheel drum and between the walls.


It can make the handbrake lock, stuck that can no longer be lowered as usual. If you can’t do anything, in this situation you have to call a tow truck to take the car to the workshop nearby.

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