How often do car batteries need to be replaced?

Usually, the position of the car battery is located on the bonnet but the position of this battery depends on the vehicle you are using. The lifespan of a car battery depends on how often you use your car. If you love to travel around and do e-hailing, the car battery will drain quickly.


Do you know that the car you are using now needs energy from the car battery to start the engine, and turn on the lights to install all the electronic accessory systems for your vehicle? So the question here is, how often should we change the car battery?




change car battery


Usually, the lifespan of this car battery is one to two years. Usually, if you buy a car battery, the store must provide a warranty of up to 12-16 months.


If you have used the car battery within a year, it would be good to check the health of the car battery to see if it is still good or if it needs to be changed to a new car battery.


multimeter reading car battery


If your car battery is at 60 percent, you can still just charge the battery without having to change it to a new car battery at that time. But if the percentage level has reached 40 percent and below, your car needs a new battery.


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