Is Charging Phone In Car Will Damage Your Car Battery Health?


When charging the phone in the car, there are two things that always play in the mind. Whether it will affect the battery health of the phone or will damage the condition of the car battery.


Is Charging the Phone in the Car Affects your Car Battery?


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It is logical if charging the phone in the car can damage the car battery. As well as make the car battery’s health condition go down easily.


If you want to know the truth, the use of a mobile phone battery is very small compared to a car battery’s capacity. So it’s not a big problem if you want to charge your phone in the car.


The problem of phone overcharging will also not happen. Because today’s cars system are modern, so if you turn off your car engine, it will automatically be disconnected from the electricity supply that flows through USB. So there will be no charge flow.


Weak Car Battery Cause Phone Too Slow Charging?


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The majority of vehicles that have a phone charging system only provide a USB port with an average ability to charge a phone of 0.5A.


It is very low and does not match the smartphone you are using now. That’s why there are some phones when you charge in the car, it’s too slow to increase the battery percentage and the phone can get hot.


This is because the phone technology system you use is more modern compared to the vehicle you already use. So, the conclusion is that if you charge the phone in the car and it is slow to charge. Then it is not caused by the car battery, it is caused by the low electric flow from the USB port!



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