If you need to save cost, read this full article of motorcycle service tips at home. Besides cars, motorcycles are also the main transport for most people in Malaysia. Motorcycles have become the main transport because the cost of paying for fuel is cheaper compared to cars.


Again, with the traffic jams that occur in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, you may be stuck on the road for one to two hours if you travel by car to your workplace. If you want to compare it with a motorcycle, it is much faster and can save more time, you can actually reach your destination in less than an hour.



Since your daily routine is using the motorcycle as the main transportation, let’s find a way that can reduce the cost of monthly expenses.

Here are the several types of motorcycle service tips routines that are often taken for granted by the public:



Please check the motorcycle chain every 2 weeks, make sure the chain is in good condition and not too loose or tight. If your motorcycle chain is loose it can interfere with the performance of your motorcycle.

Use a special lubricant for your motorcycle chain, make sure you don’t get used to using engine oil or other types of lubricants that are not meant for your motorcycle chain. Motorcycle service tips.




Without tires, your motorcycle will not be able to move to your destination. Before starting the journey, it is better if you check the tires first.

Starting from checking motorcycle tire air and condition. It is because worry if the tire does not have enough air pressure or if there are any unwanted things that can affect your safety while driving.



This is the most basic service, it seems that many people know but not many care to check and change their engine oil.

For motorcycles, at least check the engine oil once a week so that your motorcycle engine is always in good condition.


Road accidents usually happen because the vehicle is driven dangerously and there is no time to brake. The reason is that the brakes are not working perfectly.


Among the parts, you need to pay attention to are the brake pads, drum brakes, and disc brakes because when the time comes they will wear out. If you hear a noise in the motorcycle brake system, you can go straight to the nearest mechanic’s workshop for your own safety.