Signs of a Weak Car Battery That You Must Know!

When it’s time for you to get ready to leave the house for work, your car suddenly won’t start and act up. If your car engine couldn’t start, it must be the cause of your weak car battery health condition.


Car batteries have a lifespan of one to three years. That’s why, if you have your own vehicle, you must take care of the car battery’s health.


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If you have used the car battery within a year, you can go to BateriHub for a battery check. Car batteries are one of the important components in the car’s electrical system that must be changed every two to three years.


Maybe some people still don’t know the signs of a dead battery right? Let’s read the full article about Kong battery signs that you must know!


6 Causes of Weak Car Battery


1. Excess Car Accessories

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Some people like to modify their cars. As long as they can modify, as long as they will add accessories to the car to the point where it is excessive.


Excessive car accessories are the cause of fast car battery drain, if your car has many accessories, you need to use a bigger car battery so that it can balance with the energy used.


2. Damaged Alternator

Sometimes it may not be your car’s battery that is the problem but the car’s alternator that is damaged and cannot charge your car’s battery.


The function of this alternator is to charge the car battery when the car is running. So, if the alternator is damaged, the car battery will not be charged because that is why the car battery is dead.


3. Expired or Weak Car Battery

Usually, the life expectancy of a car battery is one to three years. But after one year you need to check the health of the car battery so that your car battery does not die suddenly.


4. Short circuit

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Every car needs an electrical system to start the engine before driving.

If you use a wire cable for car accessories or a car battery that is not good, it can cause a short circuit. Can also cause the health of the car battery to be affected and even worse the car can catch fire.


5. The car engine has not started for a long time

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If you leave the car and leave it not running for a long time, it can cause the battery to die because the car’s battery is not charged.


The car engine should be turned on for at least 5-10 minutes every day. If you rarely leave the house or even work from home only, make sure the engine is turned on for a while every day.


6. The car alarm sounds by itself

Usually, Proton or Toyota model cars, their alarms will go off in an uncertain direction due to the car’s battery being congested.


If your car alarm has started to emit an alarm sound that is not certain, you can quickly go and change a new car battery.


In conclusion, you should always check the condition of your car battery to prevent your car battery from dying suddenly. It is better to act early for the future.

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