Transportation is one of the most important necessities nowadays, not only cars but also bicycles, motorcycles, trucks or even buses. Although transportation is one of the necessities, not everyone can afford it.


Sometimes what makes many people buy a secondhand car is that the price is much cheaper than a new car on the market. If you are good at surveying secondhand cars, many are useful and their function is more or less the same as a new car.


In this article, we will share some things that you must check if you want to buy a secondhand car.


1. Car Age Less Than 5 Years



Before agreeing to buy a secondhand car, one of the things you need to ask the car dealer is the age of the car.

Do not choose a car that is too old, because the older the car, the higher the risk of being damaged and problematic. Preferably, buy a secondhand car whose age after purchase is not more than 5 years.


2. Check The Car Engine


For an engine inspection there are a few things you need to do, among them are:

  • No particles or foreign objects are stuck in the car engine.
  • Pull the engine oil indicator and see what the oil looks like whether it is liquid or concentrated, there are foreign objects or not.
  • No trace of oil leaking.
  • The connection cable is in good condition and not rotten or broken.
  • Radiator in good condition, open the lid and check whether it is cloudy or clear.

3. Check all equipment in the car


Please make sure all the equipment in the secondhand car is in good condition and working well.

  • Car air-conditioner
  • Car radio
  • Car window system to switch, lower and close windows
  • Extra tire and toolboxes
  • Car door handles and dashboards
  • Seat adjusters and seat belts


Anyway, when you already have a secondhand car that you are interested in buying, make sure you meet with the car dealer first. Do not buy online, you should see with your own eyes and do a test drive because it is worrying that you will be one of the victims of the car dealer scam.

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